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Thursday, October 18, 2012

All Star Sandwich Bar

Fry Spy JoDonn recently visited the All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge Massachusetts.  The place is full on sandwich crazy, but they also serve some interesting fry options.

Here we go again!  Sides???  When will the persecution end?

JoDonn opted for the "Hell Fries."

He didn't know what was in them, but he says they are a 9 out of 10.  Could be the Ipswich Ale talkin, but $5.95 or that many fries is pretty good.  Here is another shot to show scale:

All Star Sandwich Bar = Do it?

Monday, October 15, 2012


I can't believe I haven't reviewed this joint before. Known primarily for chicken (and awful TV commercials), Zaxby's SHOULD know how to serve up some decent fries.

Hmm...kinda dead for lunchtime.  It was probably due to the ATROCIOUSLY AWFUL music they were playing.  It was the kind of music you hear in a funeral parlor.  Seriously.

$1.49 for some pretty generic crinkles with a shaker seasoning mix on them.  Meh.  Decent amount but devoid of substance.  5 out of 10.  Skip it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bricktown Brewery in OKC

Bricktown Brewery in Oklahoma City (OKC) is smack dab in the middle of the fancy-schmancy entertainment district called (duh) Bricktown.  When HD was doing road shows in the early 90s, Bricktown was nasty.  It was nowhere near what it is today, and it is always shocking to me to see how much it has grown and how gentrified it has become. 

Anyhoo, they brew their own beer and they have fries so there ya go.  The decor is pretty standard for brew pubs.  Just once I wish I could walk into a brewpub that was all molded plastic curves like the Moloko milk bar in A Clockwork Orange with blacklight velvet paintings of  naked black women with afros.  Why do they always have to be brick, wood, and iron?  It's sooooooo over.

Hmmm.  Strike one.  They list fries as a "side".  I hate that.  Fries never get any respect.

Whoa!  What's this?  Fat Elvis Fries?  Cool, but no.  Strike two for RUINING what might have been a good thing with such an ABOMINATION (sweet potatoes).

While we waited, we tried the beers.  The flight of tasters usually includes 6 of their beers, but our server explained that they didn't currently have six beers ready so he included a "guest" IPA from a brewery in Tulsa called Marshall Brewing as the sixth beer.  Naturally, the beer from the guest brewery was the best one.  Snap!

Three bucks for a decent amount of hot, fresh average-tasting fries.  They were from a bag, but they were the kind with what I call the "faux skin" on them.  Meh.

Three bucks is cheap for a brewpub in the touristy part of town, so I'm giving them a 7 out of 10.  These fries plus a couple of the guest IPAs from Marshall Brewing would be worth a trip.