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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Grunion vs. Hipsters

GRUNION:  Hey dad!  Check out my cool new look!
GIBBY:  You look like a hipster.

GRUNION:  Hipster?  What's that?
GIBBY:  It's a person who looks a certain way and likes certain things.

GRUNION:  What kind of things do they like?
GIBBY:  Um, let's see.  They kinda like trashy clothes and obscure bands.

GRUNION:  Do they like Yo Gabba Gabba?
GIBBY:  Probably.  But only until they determine that Yo Gabba Gabba has sold out or is too mainstream.

GRUNION:  Do they like cheeseburgers?
GIBBY:  Maybe.  But the cheeseburger would have to be real weird and hard to find.

GRUNION:  Do they like Thomas the Tank Engine?
GIBBY:  Probably not.
GRUNION:  Forget being a hipster then.
GIBBY:  You're probably too old now to be a hipster anyway.

Victory: Grunion

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Grunion and Jack Sculpt

On vacation in Florida last month, Grandpa Bill "commissioned" the Grunion and Jack to make a LEGO sculpture of him. 

Grandpa Bill sat motionless so they could study his facial characteristics.

JACK:  Let's to make sure we get the stache right....

GRUNION:  Maybe use this green block for the jawline...

GRUNION:  And these blocks to approximate his forehead...

JACK:  Dang it, we're just not capturing his essence!
GRUNION:  I know, right?  Hey!  Down in front Aunt Kathryn!

 ***After much frustration***

JACK:  Now that I think of it, you look a lot like this LEGO Tigger, so let's just use that instead.

JACK:  Here you go, Grandpa Bill!  That'll be $2,000!

Friday, February 3, 2012

BWW-For Shame!

I'm going to start with THE positive thing about the fries at Buffalo Wild Wings: it's a place people got to watch sports and drink beer, not eat fries.

And now let's get to the shame.  I ordered a "regular", cause I wasn't that hungry.

For over $3 (after tax), this is what I got.  26 fries.  Good thing I wasn't that hungry.

Here's the thing: most wing joint fries have the added advantage of the fries absorbing some of the chicken flavor from the cooking oil, making them better.  Not so at BWW.  These fries ARE THE WORST.  As a matter of fact, this curved fry was the only interesting thing about the entire "basket".

Score? 0 out of 10.  BWW also adds insult to injury by charging you almost $3.00 (after tax) for a soft drink too. 

BWW fries=Never

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Rowdy Beaver on Dickson

Sooooooo...I guess there was this beaver that was "rowdy" at some point and these people decided to name their bar/restaurant after it or something.

There certainly wasn't any rowdy anything there when we went, though.

$3.99 for a basket of hand-cut fries.  Good amount, but...

Same old story.  Soggy, soggy, and more soggy.  At least half of them also had that disturbing uncooked center.  Boo.  5 out of 10 (but only cause the waitress listened to me complain about them and genuinely seemed to care).

UPDATE: The Luv Me Tenders guy told me he went there recently and that they had "fixed" the fries.  We'll see...