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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Tangiers Mediterranean Food & Cafe

I have driven by this place a million times and last week by golly I stopped and went inside.

Nice "patio".  I guess it's for smokers.

This place is tiny.  Claustrophobic tiny.  Maybe people in Morocco are tiny.  And why is it called "Tangiers" plural?  At least they took out the drop ceiling tiles to add space-and it looks.....nice?

Fries on the menu.  Sweet.

Right after we sat down, this guy behind us started talking loudly about all his personal business-including his recent drug arrests and subsequent legal dealings.  Did I mention that the place was tiny?  Jacksore.

The fries were delivered into the sunshine.  Very nice.

We opted for the 50 cent add-on feta fry dip.  It was okay, but not amazing.

Amy got some girly/vegetable thing that came with fries.  I was in heaven.

Really good, and for $2.50 there were plenty.  9 out of 10.   And also you can hookah.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Powerhouse Seafood

Ever notice that you can almost never get fries at a BBQ place?  They always have chips instead.  But the thing about seafood is that it almost always has fries as an option.  Not sure why (maybe a chef could tell me) but I have never been to a seafood-themed restaurant that didn't have fries.  Even fancy-schmancy seafood joints have fries.

I never remember that Powerhouse exists.  It's probably on accounta the only time I went there regularly was when Hunkr Down played there and I was "working".  But I was there last week and I checked out the fare.

FOUR FIFTY!?  Man they must be awesome for that much!



They're decent fries.  They were hot, fresh, kinda halfway between regular and steak fries with a slight crispness and very fluffy interior.  But come on.  $4.50 should get you a shoebox full of em.  6 out of 10.