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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pinnacle Bar & Grill

New joint opened up in Rogers territory and I happened to be near it by accident so I decided to see what their fry sitch was all about.  It's called Pinnacle Bar & Grill BTW.

Kinda swanky place I guess.  Decor reminds me of Tokyo in 1986 for some reason.

Cheese Fries NOW!


The fries seemed fresh cut, and although they were less crisp than I think they should be they kinda get a pass since they are covered in so much yummy stuff.

Nice.  I was gonna ding em for lacking cheese until I noticed there was actual cheese dip hiding at the bottom.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Basin Park Hotel Eureka Springs

Before the Grunion was born we used to do all kinds of dumb stuff like stay up late drinking beer and singing karaoke on the Hunkr Down PA in our kitchen (the neighbors loved it) and then wake up at the crack of noon and head to Eureka Springs for some mimosas on the balcony of the Basin Park Hotel.  We considered it "cultural" and I can't remember what it was like to be able to jump up out of bed with 6 hours of sleep, shower, drive 45 minutes, and begin drinking again.  Ah....the wonders of the energy of the young.  Usually the Bandit was involved.

I don't specifically remember if they had fries back then, but they have them now and that means it was on a few Sundays back.  The Grunion went with us on accounta he "had some things to speak to the tigers at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge about" and it was on the way so no big deal.

I should preface the review by letting you know that having a drink and some fries on the balcony of the Basin Park Hotel on a Sunday WITH a 6-year old is totally not like I remember it being sans 6-year old.  Mostly because questions.
GRUNION:  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?
GIBBY (haven't even sat down yet)  
GRUNION:  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?
GIBBY:  What?
GRUNION:  Do they have lemonade?

This went on the entire time we were there.
GRUNION:  Dad? Dad? Dad?
GIBBY:  Whaaaaat?
GRUNION: Did you know?  Did you know?  Did you know that tigers are really big?

I mean, it never stopped...
GRUNION:  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?
GIBBY:  Hmm?
GRUNION:  Are we gonna buy a toy at one of these stores?

It's important to understand that each question had at least five follow-up questions, BTW.

Eureka Springs is a must visit.  It's beautiful and "quirky" and full of artists and locals who hate you and hate that you think they're "quirky".  They don't let on too much that they hate you, but I know they do from inside sources who used to be residents (not Drew Van Winklestein).  Anyhoo there are cool shops, restaurants, and a few bars where weird stuff happens on the weekends.  The main drag has a New Orleans/Old West town vibe.

The Basin Park Hotel is kinda in the middle of everything so you can watch all the tourists bumble around buying crap. Let's see...ah yes....fries please.  Please note that due to excessive attention vampiring by the Grunion I failed to take a photo of the menu and thus have no idea what we paid for the fries.  Amy remembers them being about $5 though so I 'm going with that as a price.

The basket of fries we got was HUGE.  Seriously.  It was way bigger than the Grunion's head. that Rusty sitting down there on the street?


Skin-on, lightly battered, definitely frozen from a bag but high quality.  Hot, crispy, delicious.

All things considered, these "fries with a view" are a "must do". heh.

Only strike is this nonsense.  Boo.

There were so many fries that even with all three of us eating em this is what was left. We're such dainty bird eaters....

You should definitely eat the fries on the balcony of the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs.  Just maybe do it without a kid. Incidentally, Amy ordered a mimosa and told the waiter to "hold the orange juice".  That's my girl.

GRUNION:  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?  Dad?

P.S.  On the way home we stopped at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and the Grunion made me take a picture of him "looking scared" in front of this bear sign.  Not sure what he talked about with the tigers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fossil Cove/The Container Kitchen

Fossil Cove is a brewery in Fayetteville that has kick ass beers.  You should go there.  But you should especially go there on accounta they also have fries available from the non-food truck/trailer thing behind the brewery made out of a shipping container that serves food.

It's called The Container Kitchen BTW.

I ordered both the "regular" fries and the Rosemary and something fries.  I can't remember what the other something is on accounta there were beers-maybe it was Parmesan?

Then they delivered em to me right at the bar.  BAM!


The fries are fresh cut, and seasoned just right.

The Rosemary ones are excellent and the dipping sauce is like crack.

And there were so many I shared em with pretty much everyone at the bar.

Fossil Cove and The Container Kitchen are a definite DO IT.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Parlor Pizza Bar in Chicago

Chicago has lots of joints with fries.  Probably on accounta it's such a big city and all.  And I've tried lots of em.  But this last trip, I found a real gem in the heart of the super-schmancy Wicker Park area.

Parlor Pizza is primarily a wood fire pizza place, but they also have fries which is kinda rare for a pizza joint.  I'm always suspicious when places have fries that shouldn't.  On this particular day, it was 89 degrees with 40% humidity so all the Chicagoans were melted and refused to sit in the massive outdoor area.  Wimps.  I refused as well, but only cause I am a huge bear and my thermostat was broken.

Their beer list is awesome.

Hand Cut Frites?  Fancy! 8 bucks?  Better be super-fancy...

Whoa!  This just got serious.

The fries came with ice-cold ketchup, jalapeno cream cheese sauce, and sriracha honey mustard-which I though would be gross but was really good.

I figured out after a few fries that what you should do is dip the fry in the sriracha sauce first and take a bite, and then while your mouth is burning dip the fry in the cream cheese dip and take a bite to cool off your mouth (for some reason the jalapeno was only present as a taste and not heat).  I repeated this step 42 times and found it to be solid science.  They also come with green stuff on them so they're basically a salad!

Fresh, crispy, hot, delicious.

The pictures may not do the amount of fries justice, but believe me it was plenty for the price (especially for this area of Chicago).  This is what was left that I couldn't finish.

Parlor Pizza Bar.  DO IT.

Also they have this cool cartoon bear mural on the side of the building.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Pizza Hut has French Fries?

A couple of nights ago the Grunion was driving us crazy for pizza and we were WAY TOO TIRED for that noise so we decided to get some delivered.  This is the first time in like 10 years we have ordered food to be delivered to the house (I have a paranoia/phobia-don't ask).

Anyhoo, Ace was looking through the options and it turns out that Pizza Hut was the closest/cheapest and ALSO THEY HAVE FRENCH FRIES!  Why didn't anyone tell me before now?  You all are slacking, seriously.  I ordered the "Cajun Style Seasoned Fries" just to be mysterious.

30 minutes or so later a kid's basketball sized weird plastic take out container was delivered. Never seen anything like it.  I guess it's what they put the wings in when people order them. Oh, and by the way Pizza Hut now has wings too, apparently-cause you know, pizza.

I was expecting these things to thoroughly suck.  In fact, before I even tried one I was thinking of all the words I was going to use to describe the suckage.  But....but....they are pretty good.

They were mostly crisp, and the seasoning (although it appears that there was way too much) was actually perfect.

I gotta say that Pizza Hut fries are a total yes.  Calculating an actual price is kinda hard on accounta there's a delivery fee and you gotta tip the driver but let's just say that even for a total of $5-$6 getting this amount of pretty good fries delivered to your lazy butt is a definite DO.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

El Pinto in Albuquerque NM

On a recent road trip, the Grunion demanded that we stop in Albuquerque on accounta he wanted to see if he could find Jessie from Breaking Bad.  We were tired anyway so we agreed.

We are in ABQ a few times a decade, and we ALWAYS stop at El Pinto when we're there.  It's an amazing tex-mex restaurant, and they have fries so they're fair game for a review.  It's located on a big chunk of land North of downtown.  It probably seemed like it was "way out there" some years ago, but ABQ has grown and now it seems like it's just in a suburb.

Over the years, it looks like it was built onto several times so it has that cool multiple dining room themes thing going on.  This is the bar.

This is what I call the flamingo dining room cause it's got tons of vegetation and a fireplace.

It even has a Titanic-like ceiling light.

This is a different dining area that I call "where the losers get seated".

Fries are $3.29 which is kinda steep. But the place is fairly fancy and you gotta figure they're mostly only there for kids and super old people anyway so the price is most likely designed to discourage ordering.

This is the order.  Decent amount for this type a place at this price.

Slightly battered (most likely frozen) but an overall good experience.

GRUNION:  Yo, these fries aren't Texan or Mexican at all!

GRUNION:  In fact, these are most likely descended from the original Belgian chips.

GRUNION: Pretty good, though.

If you are ever in ABQ, you should definitely stop by El Pinto.
They also have these red pepper rubbed ribs that are insane.