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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lucky Luke's BBQ

Since I'm currently trying to lose some weight, this past weekend I TOTALLY PIGGED OUT.  My future health loss is your gain, though, cause I found a new fry star.  Lucky Luke's is in the strip mall a couple blocks North of the U of A campus.  Usually BBQ joints don't have fries so I was kinda surprised when my friend Lauren (who works there) told me otherwise.

WHA?  Skateboarding is not a crime, man!  Rollerblading might be, though.

The inside of Lucky Luke's does not look like I expected.  It's kinda "broody".

Nice "Awwww Yeah" on the window.  My flash scared the crap outta that kid, BTW. 

Order of fries for $1.49?  Sold!

BBQ Cheese Fries for $6.99?  Let's go!

While we waited, we ate deep fried jalapeno slices.  They were sooooo good.

The Grunion looked at the menu and decided that he would eat skittles from the gumball vending machines in front of the Dollar General store next door.

And yes, that is a pink toy animal carrier that he hauls his "practice hamster" around in.  And before you jump to conclusions about the boy, he told us he picked pink "cause the girls at school would like it."  So there.


There are actually fries buried under all that shredded pork, fried jalapenos, and cheese.  These things are a stomach destroyer.

They're so good they made me hate myself.  10 out of 10.

Oh yeah, I also got myself some sausage for dessert as a side for my side of fries.  But only cause I wanted you, my dear readers, to see the fries in their natural state.

Go to Lucky Luke's and try the BBQ Cheese Fries.  And ask for Lauren.  That's her on the left.

P.S.  I spent the rest of the night in the fetal position cause my stomach was so full.  You all have no idea the sacrifices I endure for your education.

Friday, January 16, 2015

World of Beer vs. House 4 Beer

There is a strange battle waging in the South Daytona Beach area between two seemingly similar craft beer bars.  As I was searching for the next fry place to try on a recent trip down to FL, I noticed an interesting thread of yelp reviews for World of Beer and House 4 Beer that indicate that if you are a craft beer fan in that area, you MUST CHOOSE AN ALLEGIANCE.

Take a few minutes and read the reviews for both:

As you can see, most people are either team H4B or team WOB.  H4B is a privately-owned stand-alone, while WOB is a chain with 50+ locations.  I  found it fascinating, and naturally I decided to investigate.  I imagined that H4B was for the "greasers" and WOB was for the "soces"(sp?) a la The Outsiders.  Which would I be?

We tried WOB first cause it was closest to where we were staying.  It's in a micro-mall fairly close to the beach area.  I like the building.

They have beers.  Lots of beers.

And more beers.

And board games.

It was new years day, and the only employee working the front was a kid named Kyle.  Weird name, but he was on point.  He kept up with everybody there (about 12 people total) perfectly fine, and even managed to talk to us quite a bit about the beers. Sorry about potato quality picture, but had beers.

And they have fries.  $2.50 got us these wedges.

They were steaming hot.  Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

And even though I don't give extra points for ketchup, the ketchup was really good.

Amy thought they were the bomb.

I paired the fries with a Terrapin Brewing Company French Toasted Wake and Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout.  Long name.  Good beer.

All in, WOB was a pretty good experience.  Kyle even sold us a Cigar City Brewing snifter glass.  The prices were normal for the beers, and $2.50 for that amount (more would have been better) for those fries rates em a solid 9.

Off to H4B we went.

H4B is in a much bigger mall which they call a "galleria".  Fancy!  I didn't like the building as much.

As with WOB, they have beers.

Lots of beers.

And also a whole fridge full of "trade beers".  Beers people brought in and left that you could call them and ask if they wanted to trade for whatever beer you brought in.  It made me mad cause there were all these great beers in there that I wanted, but I hadn't brought anything to trade.  Dammit!  Maybe next time.

I was also sad cause the guy who everyone on Yelp says is a jerk (Patrick) wasn't working.  I really wanted to see what he was about.  Anyhoo, the kid working that day was Aldon, and he was cool.  He was super-friendly, let us try stuff (contrary to the yelp claims) and seemed to know/care about beer.  That's him way down there in the black shirt.  While we were there, Aldon's girlfriend brought him a sandwich and I quoted the line from Clerks about your girlfriend bringing you lunch and he chuckled.

The beer selection at H4B was definitely more refined than WOB.  I wouldn't say that's a negative for WOB, just an observation.   Also, the prices were comparable.   Actually, everything was pretty much even-steven.


H4B does not have fries.

Game over.

Guess I'm a Soc.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Etymology of Maybe

On a recent play date...

GRUNION:  So....I saw the fat man in the red suit this week.
Z:  Uh huh.

GRUNION: And I told him all the stuff I required in exchange for being good this year.
Z:  Yeah.

GRUNION:  And he says, "maybe I'll be able to bring you that stuff".  Not "I will definitely bring you that stuff", or "Not problem, kid."
Z:  Whoa.

Z:  The word "maybe", believed to originate in the 15th century,  is generally regarded to mean a mere possibility or probability depending on the situation.
GRUNION:  I am a robot.  I do not understand your fancy language.

Z:  Hey Gibby, why did Santa say "maybe"?
GIBBY:  I dunno.  Probably for legal reasons.  Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.  You've been been good enough that I think Santa will deliver.

GRUNION:  So I'll actually be getting a Roto-Die Hydraulic Sheet Metal bending machine?  Sweet!
GIBBY:  Wait.  What?  Did you ask Santa for that?

JET:  I'm totally gonna borrow that sheet metal bending thing to make a...thing.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Grunion and Z Philosophize

On a recent trip about town...

GRUNION:  Yo, Z!  Let's hit the playground and then eat some cheese dip and ice cream.
WordHmmm.  This fence looks locked or something.  Are we allowed in here?

GRUNION:  Totally.  Watch me lock pick this piece.
Z:  Doesn't this violate the social contract?
Free will, dude!
Z:  Free will is a myth cause our minds are made up of atoms and molecules that behave in probabilistic ways.
Dude, don't tell me you're a determinist!
Z:  Don't label me, bro.  I just know that I know nothing.
Don't throw Socrates at me!  Besides, RUSH settled this in 1980.
RUSH is overrated.

So you're saying that everything we do is predetermined?
Pretty much.

Even though we just decided like five minutes ago to get cheese dip?

But what about when we do crazy stuff?
What?  Like put a chip on my head like this?

Yeah!  How is that predetermined?
Cause I was destined to put that chip on my head precisely at this time and place.

I dunno dude.  I think that fact that not deciding still indicates a choice pretty much proves free will.
What about the recent studies in neuroscience that indicate that our brains make decisions even before we're conscious of them?
Too weird.  Makes my brain freeze.  Or maybe it's the cream.

Face it.  You gotta just go with the flow, man.  Everything is planned out.
So why can't we just  go with the flow by eating cheese dip and ice cream every day?
The social contract, dude.  And also parents.

Rousseau said it best, my man.  Man is born free, and is everywhere in chains.

You said somethin' there, brother.