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Monday, July 16, 2018

White Rock Ale House TATER KEGS

Dallas is a super-tiny city, so I was surprised to find a local brewpub via online search that served fries on a recent trip.  And not only fries, but TATER KEGS.  The White Rock Ale House is in.....wait for it....the White Rock area of Dallas.  Never saw any white rocks, but whatevs.

It was 115 degrees and the hostess asked me if I wanted to sit outside.  I declined.  The back patio looked fun though.  Probably okay in January.

Cool inside.  Open, spacious, etc.

Tater Kegs?  Ah yeah.

Boom.  I honestly thought they would be bigger, but they were big enough.

I arranged them into a pyramid cause I think that looks better.

Crispy outside, fluffy goodness inside.


The price is kinda steep, but I figure they are making them in-house so it's okay.  The crab ones were filled with crab.  I don't like crab.  Everyone else said they were good.  I also ordered regular fries (naturally).

Really good.  Top notch and a lot of em for only $4.

The Grunion got red velvet cake and wanted to do a review.

GRUNION:  Okay, so this is red *chomp

GRUNION:  Mmmmphh….red vel....*chomp

GIBBY:  Yo, you need to stop eating eat and tell me about it.
GRUNION:  It's sooooo good....mmmmpph….*chomp

The Grunion ate half of the cake and then fell into an insulin shock coma right at the table.  Props to the joint for having napkins big enough for him to use as a blanket.

White Rock Ale House = DO IT.

Friday, July 13, 2018


Today is the day!  The one day a year that all the good children find fresh fries in their shoes when they wake up in the morning (provided they pre-filled them with ketchup the night before).  Did you get your fries?

Today is also the one day a year that your body will not process the calories from fries!  You can eat all the fries you want until 11:59pm and NO CALORIES!

Enjoy your day!  I will be.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Big Orange

The best time to eat a giant plate of piping hot fried potatoes is when it's 99 degrees outside.  Since I know that, I went to Big Orange this past week.  There are 3 of these joints around Arkansas and apparently the name has something to do with.....I don't know actually on accounta it doesn't say anywhere on their menu or in the restaurant or online.  I also messaged them but they didn't respond in time.  Oh well.  Maybe this Arkansas guy is a big Texas or Tennessee fan.  Dunno.

The one in Rogers, AR is in a fancy outdoor-style mall.  Nice front.

Well, it's not completely orange in here but ok.

This place is fancy.  Real flowers on the table in real water!

Truffle Garlic and Herbs?  Healthy!

Got this giant hubcap full of chips with cheese dip while we waited.  It was good.  Not amazing, but good.  BTW we opted for the "House Chips" instead of tortilla chips.  This is what they call "Arkansas Style".  Don't know how to react to that.

Fries delivered and they look good.  $5.75 is a decent price for this amount and they were really good.

Tons of truffle oil on these babies.  They did not skimp.

And I noticed 2 things.  The first is that normally the house cut fries that are undercooked and soggy are nasty but these soaked up so much truffle oil that the soggy ones were actually amazing.

The second thing was that they didn't sully the fries with a ton of cheap parmesan cheese like most other places do with their truffle fries.

They also came with this super-tasty dipping stuff.  Not sure what it was, but it was good and it really accentuated the truffle taste.

Big Orange Fries = Really good.  DO IT.

P.S. My friend Jack ordered a turkey burger and didn't even eat the bun so I called him a communist and made him walk home.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Inlet Harbor AKA Off the Hook REVISITED

Had a chance to sneak off with Amy a couple of weeks ago whilst on vacay in DYB.  And by "had a chance to sneak off" I mean we straight up dumped the Grunion on the grandparents and ran like rats to the newly, finally rebuilt after a not-so-recent hurricane Inlet Harbor.  I had been there before (warning: baby Grunion pics) and wanted to see if they were keeping it up with the new incarnation.

Ah.  So now it's called Off the Hook at Inlet Harbor.  Rolls off the tongue I guess...

The new patio is massive.  Lots more room for drunk retirees to slam bowel shredding frozen drinks and scream along with the guy playing jimmy buffet in the corner.

Naturally it was raining on accounta we were visiting so we sat inside.

Nicely appointed fishing/boating theme things everywhere.  I didn't mind it.  Not sure why this photo has the batman tv show angle.

They had cheese fries but I didn't order them.  I will next time.  This trip is all about the basics.

Basket of fries for 3 bucks at this kind of joint (tourist trap on the water) is a great deal.  Let's see how they turn out.


Hold the phone.

A decent amount of top of the line frozen skin-on foodservice fries with a light dusting of decent seasoning.

This is a total win. DO IT.

Monday, March 19, 2018

TGI Fridays Microwave Loaded Fries

First of all, I hate that I have to type "TGI Fridays".  What a stupid name.  Why didn't they just go with "TGIF" or "I hate my intestinal system"?  Anyhoo,  I saw these at the store and they were only $2.99 so I was like WTH.

I've tried these "crispy in the microwave" things before with mixed results, so I was skeptical.  This silver stuff is made from ground up space shuttle heat shields and is supposed to use the leftover rocket fuel soaked into them to help crisp the fries when your microwave shoots the little invisible nuclear death rays at them.  Seems dangerous but whatever.

Oh my.  So complicated.

What is all this?  Fake cheese sauce and a bag of crumbly stuff?  Seems like a lot of bang for the buck but is it too much work?


NO!  Not a sitting box!

***Gibby fights with kitty for 2 minutes and removes cat hair/spit from box***

Ok.  Smash the fries together between the two space shuttle heat shields and death nuke them for FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES?  Who has that kind of time?

Meanwhile I gotta melt the fake cheese sauce with hot water.  What a pain.

So after the nuking I tried a fry and they were actually kinda crisp.  Not bad either.  Dump on the fake cheese sauce and the crumbly stuff.....AND BACK IN THE MICRO FOR ANOTHER MINUTE?  Holy moly!

After a relative eternity this is what we yield.

The formerly semi-crisp fries were of course now kinda soggy from all that cheese and stuff.

But I have to say that they were okay.  Not amazing, but definitely worth the money.

It's interesting that they don't actually offer loaded cheese fries at the restaurants.  Maybe a shrewd maneuver to get people to buy these or maybe no one ever ordered them.  Either way if you see these on sale somewhere ($3.00 max) they are worth a try.

Kitty got the leftovers because he fought with honor.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Morano's (with Throwback Jack)

Got a hot tip that there was a shindig with plenty of hullabaloo and moxie going down at Morano's last weekend.  Seems not only was the band Throwback Jack a metal/hair metal/80's/classic rock mashup cover band, but that Morano's also has fries.  Seemed like a perfect storm.

The guy who owns the joint is a sweet kid, so I was kinda nervous going in there on accounta it would suck to give him a bad review on the fries.  Inside this place is a classic.  Pool tables, big bar, lots of colorful regulars, and everyone was super-friendly.

Throwback Jack is a blast.  You should definitely check them out if you get a chance.  I think they play at Morano's a lot so there you go.

They have a "hype man" named Jinx (he's in the middle).  Very professional!

Fries delivered.  Hold up.

HUGE amount.  Crispy.  Hot.  Tasty.

10 out of 10.  The combination of these fries and this band is a total win.  In these trying times, it's nice to find a pocket of fun-ness in this world.  Go like the Morano's and Throwback Jack FB pages for me.