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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wendy's Baconator Fries

Okay, so I guess Wendy's is 1 for 1 with their specialty fry offerings this summer.  A while back I tried their Ghost Pepper Fries, and they rated pretty high.  Not so with the recently released Baconator Fries.

The initial view was promising.

Not sure why they felt the need to sprinkle some of the salad cheese on them since they already have the cheez whiz stuff, but ok.  Fork for scale.

Let's take all the bacon pieces off and take a look....AHA!  Just as I suspected!  It barely equals one small slice of bacon!

The fries are fine overall, and $1.99 is fair for this amount, but they are definitely not worthy of the "baconator" moniker.  5 out of 10. +1 for even trying new fry stuff though.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Drive In Movie Fries

The Grunion demanded to see the new Pixar flick at the drive in this last weekend, so off we went. 

The drive in where we live shows double features (and it has to be dark to start the movie) so that means that the first movie STARTS AT 9PM.   The second movie started AT 11PM.  Craziness!  The flipside is that you are seeing two movies for $8, which is pretty good.

You'd think that hipsters would love drive in movie theaters cause there's so few of em left.  Not so at our drive in.  It was mostly WT.

Off I went to get the fries from the snack bar.  Right when you walk in, the smell of funnel cake sugar blasts you.  Got a few photos before the old witch in charge told me that there were no photos allowed.  WTF?  What are they hiding?

I found out pretty quick what they were hiding.  Crappy fries.

They cook the fries in the same oil as the funnel cakes, deep fried twinkies, deep fried oreos, deep fried deep fries, etc.  So guess what the fries tasted like?

Also, they were $4.00.  This make them the 5th or 6th most expensive thing on the menu!  And you are not fooling anyone with the old "fry boat on a larger plate" trick.

These things sucked so bad.  They gave me a bellyache.

0 out of 10.

Cool speakers though.