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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wendy's Ghost Pepper Fries

A bunch of people have been bombarding me with messages about how Wendy's has Ghost Pepper Fries now and how come I haven't reviewed them and all that.  Geez, it's like people think all I do is drive around looking for different places to try fries.....wait.....okay, maybe I kinda do that a little bit.

Anyhoo,  stopped by my local Wendy's this past weekend to see what's up.  I didn't take a picture of the outside of the Wendy's cause you should probably already know what one looks like but here's the inside in case you've never seen it.

Prominent sign on the menu.  That's pretty cool. Fries sure seem to be coming up in the world.

The place was empty, and I was the only person ordering but that didn't stop the guy from insisting that I give him my name for the order so he could call it out when it was ready.  I told him my name was Kyle.  This is what he wrote on my ticket.  My Wendy's name from now on will always be Tyler.

Even though the place was dead, they did not hurry to make my fries.  It took like 10 minutes (which is like 3 years in fast food time).  While I waited I looked around.  Giant vats of ketchup?  Check.  So America.

All you can eat saltines?  Check.

Not so subtle stoner/drunk signage?  Check.

Bizarre and confusing rails to corral the non-existent masses?  Check.

After the agonizing aforementioned wait, behold.

I was.....impressed.  There was actual green stuff on them and they tasted great.

The sauce held what I calculated to be a .00000023% solution of ghost pepper.  But you can hardly blame them cause .00000024% would have people gagging and complaining that it was too spicy.

For $1.99, the Ghost Pepper Fries are a good deal, and they are good.  If you spooned these out on a plate and presented them at a fancy restaurant you would fool most people (and you could charge $8.99).  I say they are worth a try.  9 out of 10.

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