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Saturday, April 25, 2015

LEGOLAND Fries with the Grunion

The Grunion loves Lego.  Really, really, really much.
Editor's Note:  The Grunion wanted me to start off with that.

When we were in Florida a while back, we decided to measure the radius of his head explosion by taking him to Legoland, which (duh) is a Lego-themed amusement park in what used to be Cypress Gardens.

He was pretty excited to get into the park but we wanted him to take a picture with Amy in front of the sign.  Amy had to catch him.

Ah.  So nice.  Memory preserved.

The Grunion worked himself into such a frenzy, he said he needed a moment to compose himself so he took a quick break to calm himself right there on the pavement.

The park wasn't crowded at all, and the Grunion got busy right off the bat with some kiddie rides.  It's important to note that the Grunion has been playing with these things his whole life, and seeing them in "real life" size has to be the biggest thrill.  Imagine if you saw a giant version of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots or a life-sized Stretch Armstrong?

The Grunion liked the kiddie rides, but quickly graduated to full on roller coasters.

Brave kid.

While the Grunion and Amy were riding the roller coaster a second time, I moseyed over to the fried chicken restaurant to try the fries.

I don't recall what I paid for em, but even if they were $1 it would have been too much.

Soggy, lifeless, tasteless, sadness.  Boo.  0 out of 10.

On the way back through the park I saw this joint.  Apple Fries?

Normally I would consider this kind of thing an abomination, but I was so depressed by the fries from the chicken place I decided to give em a try.  Apparently they are just cut up granny smith apples that are dusted with some magic dust and deep fried.


 They come with whipped cream, and I opted for the (extra charge) caramel sidecar as well.

I was skeptical, but they were.....AWESOME.

The Grunion agreed.  He especially like the whipped cream.

Basically they taste like McDonald's hot apple pies.  I was much impressed.

Even with the criminally exorbitant price tag, these things are boss.  10 out of 10 (but only cause it's an amusement park)

On the way out, the Grunion demanded the largest, most expensive Lego set from the strategically placed massive Lego store.  We were too tired to argue.

Mission accomplished.

P.S. The Grunion made me take a picture of him with these Lego bananas.  And he wanted me to point out that they were Duplo bananas, which are Legos for babies, cause babies should be able to play with Lego too and just because they are babies, blah blah blah a thousand more words about Legos and babies.

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