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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another Great One from 3 Floyds

I know, I know.  This is supposed to be a french fry blog.  And even though it may get me in trouble with the FFBOA (French Fry Bloggers of America), I must tell you about this beer from 3 Floyds.  In previous posts, I have mentioned my fondness for 3 Floyds' Gumballhead, and their Dreadnaught IPA is just as good.  Hoppy as hell and full-on to the citrusy finish, this is not your grandfather's IPA (whoa!  that sounded like a commercial!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Penguin Ed's (B&B) Bar-B-Que

A reader suggested that I review the battered fries at Penguin Ed's, so I coerced Amy into going out "just for fries" and headed to Penguin Ed's at the corner of Crossover and Mission.  Parked the car, walked in, perused the menu-no fries!  WTF?  I asked the lady behind the counter what was up and she informed me that ONLY the Archibald Yell location has fries of any kind.  Hmm.

Got in the car, drove to the Archibald Yell location (which used to be called B&B until it was acquired by Penguin Ed) which is now actually called Penguin Ed's B&B Bar-B Que.  So confusing!  I asked the lady there WTF, and she told me the reason the Archibald Yell location is the only one with fries is cause it's the only location with fryers, which were there when Penguin Ed acquired the place.  Whatever.

I remember being taken to B&B in like 1988 (no doubt by my Arkansas food mentor Jack P.) and it mostly HAS NOT CHANGED.  With the exception of the totally out of place Target light fixtures hanging above the tables.

They even still have the cool ordering phones at each booth.  Yup.  You "call" in your order to the lady at the counter 12 feet away.  Hilarious.  Like an idiot, I actually said "goodbye" when I was done ordering.

Let's see,  batter dipped french fries...check.

Hmm.  At $1.25, the regular fries may be worth a look as well.  I wonder why batter dipped fries are listed as an appetizer and the fries are listed as a side item.  Does anyone else wonder about stuff like that?

About 10 minutes later, we got both orders.  Sweet mama!  The batter dipped fries looked awesome, and there were a lot for $1.75!

The regular fries didn't look like much (but they were only $1.25).

We dumped both kinds on the plate and made a well-balanced 3-course meal (batter dipped food group, regular french fry food group, and condiment/vegetable food group).

The batter dipped fries were slightly disappointing taste-wise, as they were kinda bland.

However, with salt and our ketchup/hot BBQ sauce mixture the batter dipped fries became awesome.  The batter dipped fries rate an 8 out of 10 (for quantity/price), and the regular fries still rate a 6 out of 10 cause even though they suck pretty bad (even with the sauce), you get a lot for a little.

I would like to point out that we took Dolly Parton's advice for weight loss and left a little on our plate "for our guardian angels" (those are some starving angels).

$3.35 total.  Not bad for all the fat/carbs you need for 3 days...

Oh, I hear they have barbecue-type stuff as well.

All Day, Every Day

To get the authentic experience, turn your computer speakers all the way up....
Annoying, eh?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Summerlins = Wayans

Only the Wayans have more artists in the family than the Summerlins (and the Wayans aren't as good).  Go HERE and buy Talley's new song.  You will like.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feltner's Whatta-Burger in Russellville

Feltner's is an institution.  It's also across the street from an institution.  Hmm.

I always thought it looked like an old Howard Johnson's (you must be at least 40 years old to ride this reference).

The dining area:

And kitchen have probably not changed in (however long) they've been open.  $2.71 for a large order of fries.  What's with the random prices?
FELTNER:  I think I'll charge $2.71 for a large order of fries.
FELTNER'S WIFE:  Why $2.71?  Why not just $2.70 or $2.75? or $2.80 for that matter?
FELTNER:  You don't understand business economics, woman!

The Grunion was so tired from the road he didn't even care.
GRUNION:  Coffee...fifty two cents?  WTF?  Don't they have a Venti?

15 MINUTES LATER, we got this GIANT bag of fries.  It was odd.  The fries smelled like the oil was scorched, but they didn't taste scorched.  In fact, they tasted fine.  Better than fine.  They tasted good.  $2.71 turned out to be a great price for 60-odd fries that were above average in taste.  8 out of 10.

Oh, I also hear that they have burgers...

French Fries in Tupelo Mississippi

Tupelo is where Elvis was born in this tiny shack.  Hmm.  I thought it would look crappy, but it actually looks quite nice.

The weird thing for me was that I've seen tons of pictures of the shack, but I've never seen pictures of the GIANT MUSEUM they have constructed behind the shack.  It takes up like 3 acres!  Weird.

GIBBY:  Grunion look!  That's where Elvis was born!
GRUNION:  Meh.  When does the Miss America Pageant start?

Anyhoo, this Italian restaurant called Vanelli's was right next to our hotel (and the Grunion didn't want to miss the Miss America Pageant by going out to dinner) so I hoofed over and ordered some take out.

I know what you're thinking.  "Gibby, Italian restaurants are not known for their fries!"  But I've said it before, and I'll say it here again:  If you put fries on your menu, you are subject to review.

GIBBY:  Hey Grunion, want some fries?
GRUNION:  No. Shut up.  Miss America is on.

$2.79 for a pretty standard take out box full of fries.   I didn't count them, but I would guess it was about 60 fries.  Pretty bland without the salt I added, but a good deal nonetheless.  7 out of 10.

Our Deck Down Under in Daytona Beach

This joint is called Our Deck Down Under cause it's under the bridge between the mainland and Daytona Beach.  Get it?

Mainly known for seafood stuff, ODDU boasts some seriously awesome deck sittin.

With great views of the intercoastal waterway.

Of course, it was like forty degrees when we were there so we had to sit inside. Stupid weather curse.  $2.99 for a basket of old school crinkles that also included two hush puppies (+1 point) and a tiny paper shot cup full of nasty cole slaw (-1 point) that I gave to Amy.

Typically fries take on the taste of the main kind of food a place serves.  For example, chicken joints have fries that taste vaguely of their chicken, and seafood joints usually have fries that vaguely taste of fish.  This can be a blessing or a curse (depending on how good said items are).

Oddly, the fries at ODDU had a taste of NOTHING.  Not even a fry taste.  Strange.  Too expensive, not enough fries, and tasteless.  I think that rates a 1 out of 10.  Good view, though.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach

One of the nights we were in Daytona, the grandparents watched the Grunion while we went off to pretend we were young and Grunion-less.  I wanted to check out the Ocean Deck, cause I heard it was where the cool kids hung out.  In fact, the Ocean Deck is a restaurant/bar located smack dab in the middle of the "hip" section of Daytona Beach.  During the warmer months (and when we aren't visiting to ruin the weather) the Ocean Deck is party central for spring breakers/party types.  Amy looked like she belonged there.

I did not.

While ordering beers, Amy noticed that the Ocean Deck offers a LARGE FRIGATE OF FRIES!  Wha?  I don't know much, but I know that a frigate is generally a large ship-and a "large frigate" is probably larger than a regular frigate, so I was excited.  Notice that "Rasta Sauce" is also on the menu.  WTF?

I asked the waitress if the Rasta Sauce would really turn me into a Rasta and whether I would need the 5oz or 14oz bottle.  She didn't get it and treated us like old people for the rest of the night.

While we were waiting, this guy came in and sat at the table next to us and immediately started yammering at me like he'd never been in a bar in his life.  He was clearly on something speedy, and was soon joined by what HAD to be a professional escort.  Amy got all James Bond and snapped this pick of the back of the guy's head.

Also while we waited for what we imagined would be the most fries we had ever seen served in a boat-shaped box, the house band (called Caribbean Breeze) played All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie.  Sweet!

When the waitress brought the fries we thought there was a mistake.  Much sadness.  No boat-shaped box. No giant portion.  Boo.  This was your garden-variety decent size order of fries.

Eerily similar to fries from McD's, they were tasty and crisp.  For $2.95 in a hip joint in the middle of the cool section of Daytona, they were acceptable-but certainly not worthy of being called a "large" order, much less a "frigate".  7 out of 10 (due to trickery).

P.S. The Rasta Sauce did not work on me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daytona Beach Trip Part Two

GRUNION:  Hey dad!  What's that blue thing down there?
GIBBY:  It's a pool.

GRUNION:  And what's that big blue thing out there?
GIBBY:  It's the Atlantic Ocean.

GRUNION:  Sweet! Let's go down there.
GIBBY:  I dunno.  It's kinda cold.

***Level 6 Hissy Fit***

GRUNION:  I feel like I've been here before!
GIBBY:  You have.

GRUNION:  Yeah, but this time I can run!

After we all dried off and put our clothes in the wash, we gazed at the beautiful sunset.  It was 36 degrees.

The next day, the Grunion demanded to go to Disney World so we packed up the car and drove to Orlando.  Naturally, the Grunion slept the entire way.

Whoa!  There are actual orange trees right next to the highway!  Cool!

The Grunion was still asleep when we arrived at DW.

GRUNION:  Hey!  Who put this Florida Gators hat on me?

This is a giant loch ness monster built out of legos.

This is the Grunion with some Winnie the Pooh stuff.

This is the Grandparents waving at us while we went by on a ride.

***Nerd Alert***
This is the SUPER COOL FULL-SIZE AT-AT from Star Wars!  Whoa!

That night, the Grunion got drunk on sippy juice (again).

GRUNION:  Look!  I'm a giant rat! *hic!

The next day, the Grunion slept the whole way home.  So did Amy. 

He was probably doing all that sleeping on the SHORT car trips so that when we actually drove back to AR he could be WIDE AWAKE and SCREAMING the entire way.  Nice.  Ironically, it was still slightly better than being on a long car trip with Matt Parker.