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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daytona Beach Trip Part Two

GRUNION:  Hey dad!  What's that blue thing down there?
GIBBY:  It's a pool.

GRUNION:  And what's that big blue thing out there?
GIBBY:  It's the Atlantic Ocean.

GRUNION:  Sweet! Let's go down there.
GIBBY:  I dunno.  It's kinda cold.

***Level 6 Hissy Fit***

GRUNION:  I feel like I've been here before!
GIBBY:  You have.

GRUNION:  Yeah, but this time I can run!

After we all dried off and put our clothes in the wash, we gazed at the beautiful sunset.  It was 36 degrees.

The next day, the Grunion demanded to go to Disney World so we packed up the car and drove to Orlando.  Naturally, the Grunion slept the entire way.

Whoa!  There are actual orange trees right next to the highway!  Cool!

The Grunion was still asleep when we arrived at DW.

GRUNION:  Hey!  Who put this Florida Gators hat on me?

This is a giant loch ness monster built out of legos.

This is the Grunion with some Winnie the Pooh stuff.

This is the Grandparents waving at us while we went by on a ride.

***Nerd Alert***
This is the SUPER COOL FULL-SIZE AT-AT from Star Wars!  Whoa!

That night, the Grunion got drunk on sippy juice (again).

GRUNION:  Look!  I'm a giant rat! *hic!

The next day, the Grunion slept the whole way home.  So did Amy. 

He was probably doing all that sleeping on the SHORT car trips so that when we actually drove back to AR he could be WIDE AWAKE and SCREAMING the entire way.  Nice.  Ironically, it was still slightly better than being on a long car trip with Matt Parker.

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