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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Penguin Ed's (B&B) Bar-B-Que

A reader suggested that I review the battered fries at Penguin Ed's, so I coerced Amy into going out "just for fries" and headed to Penguin Ed's at the corner of Crossover and Mission.  Parked the car, walked in, perused the menu-no fries!  WTF?  I asked the lady behind the counter what was up and she informed me that ONLY the Archibald Yell location has fries of any kind.  Hmm.

Got in the car, drove to the Archibald Yell location (which used to be called B&B until it was acquired by Penguin Ed) which is now actually called Penguin Ed's B&B Bar-B Que.  So confusing!  I asked the lady there WTF, and she told me the reason the Archibald Yell location is the only one with fries is cause it's the only location with fryers, which were there when Penguin Ed acquired the place.  Whatever.

I remember being taken to B&B in like 1988 (no doubt by my Arkansas food mentor Jack P.) and it mostly HAS NOT CHANGED.  With the exception of the totally out of place Target light fixtures hanging above the tables.

They even still have the cool ordering phones at each booth.  Yup.  You "call" in your order to the lady at the counter 12 feet away.  Hilarious.  Like an idiot, I actually said "goodbye" when I was done ordering.

Let's see,  batter dipped french fries...check.

Hmm.  At $1.25, the regular fries may be worth a look as well.  I wonder why batter dipped fries are listed as an appetizer and the fries are listed as a side item.  Does anyone else wonder about stuff like that?

About 10 minutes later, we got both orders.  Sweet mama!  The batter dipped fries looked awesome, and there were a lot for $1.75!

The regular fries didn't look like much (but they were only $1.25).

We dumped both kinds on the plate and made a well-balanced 3-course meal (batter dipped food group, regular french fry food group, and condiment/vegetable food group).

The batter dipped fries were slightly disappointing taste-wise, as they were kinda bland.

However, with salt and our ketchup/hot BBQ sauce mixture the batter dipped fries became awesome.  The batter dipped fries rate an 8 out of 10 (for quantity/price), and the regular fries still rate a 6 out of 10 cause even though they suck pretty bad (even with the sauce), you get a lot for a little.

I would like to point out that we took Dolly Parton's advice for weight loss and left a little on our plate "for our guardian angels" (those are some starving angels).

$3.35 total.  Not bad for all the fat/carbs you need for 3 days...

Oh, I hear they have barbecue-type stuff as well.


  1. I'm trying to figure out the math on that ticket.

    Subtotal: 3.00
    Tax: 0.34
    Balance Due: 3.35


    Actually, this happened to me at US Pizza once too. It was more than a penny but we got a manager with a calculator to fix it.

  2. Hmm. Didn't even notice the 1 cent ripoff. Good detective work, Jeff!

  3. Will you blog about your trip back to get your penny refunded?


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