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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Grunion Visits Dr. Bill

I was feelin poorly so I went to see Dr. Bill.  The Grunion tagged along cause he said he wanted to ask Dr. Bill a question about something he read on the internet about measuring cups.  As soon as we got there, the Grunion turned on the charm.

GRUNION:  Annie, you don't need this heater cause you're already smokin hot!
ANNIE:  Aww...

GRUNION:  Looks like we stumbled into a supermodel convention, dad!
PATTY and JUDY:  Aww...

GRUNION:  Noah!  You're lookin fine as red wine!
NOAH:  Whatever.  I'm workin the cute angle here so bugger off!

GRUNION: (whispering) Back off or I'll throw a big fake hissy like you bit me. 
NOAH:  Cheater.

GRUNION:  What's goin on in this room?
PATIENT:  Eeeek!
GRUNION:  Sorry.

DR. BILL:  And that's how measuring cups are good for killing sharks and river gar.
GRUNION:  Sweet!

Victory: Dr. Bill/The Internet

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