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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Greatest Gift Ever?

Whenever a birthday or Christmas comes around, I always tell Amy that on October 12, 2009 she gave me the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive (a PlayStation 3) and that she should never worry about getting me anything ever again.  This year, she got me a present that may knock the old PS3 off the mantle.  Behold the egg muffin machine:

Oh yes, it does EXACTLY what you think it does.  All you need is an English muffin, and egg, a slice of pre-cooked  Canadian bacon, and a slice of American cheese to create the only homemade fast food item that is actually as good as the one from the fast food place itself.

Bad kitty!  Get away!

You just pop the muffin in the toasting slots:

Pour a little water into the steam pan:

Crack an egg into the (cute) miniature frying/poaching pan:

Place the bacon on the steaming tray:.

Replace the cover, hit a button:

And seven minutes later (and after some easy assembly) you have an egg muffin that rivals the fast food chains.  Brilliant!  And since the egg is actually poached with steam, you LOSE WEIGHT eating them.  The steam also melts all the fat in the bacon and makes it really supple.  Nice!  I've eaten like 12 since Christmas.

No kitty!  Bad kitty!  My muffin!

Victory: Amy
P.S.  Before you send me nasty comments, you should know that I consider the Grunion a VERY CLOSE third-best present ever.


  1. Since the DAY I MET YOU, you have told stories of this fantastic machine. You have heralded us with epic poems of the existence of this magical device. Alas, now you are it's master.

  2. Yes Duke. My life is now complete. Except for my flying car and hairless dog....


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