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Friday, December 3, 2010

Red Robin

Don't ever go to Red Robin in Fayetteville on Sunday.  It's way too packed.  I know this from past experience.  The perfect time to go is Wednesday at 2:30pm.  You get a sweet parking spot:

And there is practically no one in the joint:

The Grunion was looking around nervously-concerned as to the reason the place was so empty.
GRUNION:  Mom, are you SURE there isn't a zombie epidemic?

AMY:  Not completely sure, honey.  You should probably stay on your toes.

GRUNION:  She's kidding, right dad?
GIBBY:  Can't talk.  Looking for fries.

One of the cool things about RR is that pretty much everything comes with fries, and the fries are all you can eat (they call the deal "bottomless fries" which I find offensive).  Anyhoo, when you order a burger THAT COSTS TEN BUCKS, you can eat all the fries you want.  The waitstaff actually brings you a few fries while you are waiting for your burger.  HUGE steak fries with a light dusting of their "Red Robin Seasoning" (Lawry's).  Very good.

They'll also bring you stuff to dip the fries in.  The best one is "Campfire" sauce.  Amy says it's just ketchup and mayonnaise with cayenne and smoke flavoring, but it's clear to me that it contains magic tasty things.

The Grunion grabbed a particularly large fry and studied it.

Then he timidly nibbled on the end to test the temperature.


I ordered a blue cheese burger.  It was meh.  Strange for a place that is supposed to be known for their burgers.

Okay, so there's good news and bad news about RR.  The good news is that the fries are really good and you can eat as many as you want.  The bad news is, you can't actually order just fries.  Our waiter said he didn't even think it was possible to ring it in to the computer.  This means I can't quantify the value of the fries.  Quite a conundrum.  Given the criteria for rating, I can't rate the fries at RR at this time.  That being said, the fries are definitely worth trying if you also want a burger and you've got ten bucks burning a hole in your pocket.

The Grunion ate 11 fries total.  That is the equivalent of you eating 100.  He was stuffed.

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