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Monday, December 13, 2010

Lights of the Ozarks

Similar to the absolutely critical nature of visiting Santa at the mall, walking around the Fayetteville square looking at the Christmas lights is required quality time.  The Grunion demanded that he be allowed to wear his bomber hat.
GRUNION:  So what's the deal with these lights anyway?  Do I get to touch them?

AMY:  No, honey.  The lights are just for looking, not touching.
GRUNION:  Well, I'm not promising I won't be touching....

GRUNION:  Alright, let's get this show on the road!  I've got holiday Elmo videos to watch later.

GRUNION:  Whoa!  Are these the lights you were talking about?  They're awesome!  And I can touch them!
AUNT CINDY:  Those are just lawn decorations, honey.  We have to go to the square to see the lights.

A short car ride later, we reached the square.

Every year, Amy says the lights of the Ozarks has gotten bigger or smaller.  I think it depends on her mood.

GRUNION:  These lights are pretty cool.  Whoa!  Look at the big kitties!
AMY:  Those are ponies.
GRUNION:  How many names are there for cats?

GRUNION:  Hey look!  It's that razor pig thing from the moving picture window that we yell at for three hours a week!

GRUNION:  Look at that HUGE kitty pulling that big toy around!

GRUNION:  There's another one of those razor pigs!

After about 15 minutes, we had to retreat cause it was so cold.  Go see the lights of the ozarks.  It's worth it.

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