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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Z's Birthday Party

Last Friday night we went to Z's house for his first birthday.  The theme was Yo! Gabba! Gabba!, and Z's mom Cindy MADE a bunch of hats and balloons that were awesome.  In fact, they were so awesome it made me JEALOUS of her skill.  Mental note: Eat Cindy's brain to gain her skills!  Here's Cindy and Amy wearing DJ Lance hats:

Here's the Plex "head" she made:

And here are the balloons (they all ended up on the ceiling).

Mark and I were selected to attempt a photo with all the kids wearing the hats, but the attempt failed miserably cause Z started crying, which made all the kids start crying.  I looked damn good though.

The Grunion was having trouble with the concept of a birthday party where HE didn't get any presents.
GRUNION:  So,  what are we supposed to do?  Just sit here and watch Z get stuff?
AMY:  Yup.

GRUNION:  Forget that!  I'm going over there to see if I can scam something!

GRUNION:  Z!  How bout slidin some presents my way?
Z:  Back off!  I'm pretty sure one of these is the 14-inch Bowie knife I asked for!

MADELINE:  You are such a crybaby Grunion!  Waaa!  I want some presents!

GRUNION:  Who are you?  And why are you pitchin me attitude?

MADELINE:  Beat it kid!  I'm workin this birthday for any leftover presents.  Don't make me cut you.

GRUNION:  I am Plex!  It is my birthday too!  Give me some of those presents!
Z:  Lame.  That's not even how Plex talks.

US:  Happy birthday, dear Zack, happy birthday to you!

Z:  Hmm.  Seems like a waste of energy to bring the cake to my mouth.

Z:  Much better.

GRUNION:  How embarrassing.  I would never make a cake-spectacle of myself like that.

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