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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Grunion Has a Party

The Grunion turned 1 year old this past week, so we had a party to celebrate the fact that we kept him alive that long.  Since the Grunion only has 1 friend (Z-and we are not sure Z likes him yet) the rest of the people at the party (besides family) were really friends of ours.

Since the Grunion worships Elmo, his party was Elmo-themed.

Complete with Elmo cake.

And his own personal "smash" cake.

Amy made these cool party favors out of baby food jars the Grunion had emptied over the past year.  Very clever, but most of the candy tasted like green beans.

Having a party for a 1 year old is not like having a party for adults.  Babies can't really open the presents.

Or blow out the candles on the cake.

And they make a real mess of themselves with the cake.

Actually, we have adult friends who make a real mess of themselves at birthday parties with cake as well.  Maybe  baby parties are similar to adult parties....

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  1. I knew one day this picture would come to good use!! Love it. Oh and that Grunion looks mighty tasty with all that icing on him. I want to eat him.


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