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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Burger Life: Worth a Trip-Sort Of

Burger Life (located on Joyce in Fayetteville) is an odd new addition to the dining landscape.  It used to be the Marketplace or something to that effect, but the owners have converted it to a gourmet burger joint with something like 256,000 possible combinations of bread, toppings, sauces, etc.

When you walk in the front door, an attendant instructs you to fill out one of these dry erase menus with all your burger choices.  It is pretty daunting, and definitely intimidating.  I can only imagine what kind of chaos ensues on a weekend when a Twilight movie comes out at the theater right across the parking lot and 1000 energy drink-tweaked teenagers are trying to figure out whether they want chipotle orange BBQ or  chipotle pepper aioli sauce on their burger.

After dry erase arts and crafts time, you meander over to the register where the kid rings in your order while asking if each thing is correct-totally eliminating the need for the dry erase arts and crafts bit.  By the way, this place also disrespects the fries with the "extras" moniker.  When will the persecution end?

I never really went to this place when it was the Marketplace, so I don't know if the decor has changed.  It's pretty chill, though.

The burgers are really good.  Really expensive, but really good.  For the record, I had the angus/brioche bun/horseradish cheddar/hickory smoked bacon/cajun seasoning/Louisiana hot mustard burger.  See what I mean about all the possible combinations?

Amy had the veggie burger which cost a buck more than my beef burger.  It looked (and tasted) like drywall spackle to me.  She said it was good as far as veggie burgers go.

The fries are of the shoestring variety and are of high quality.  The amount you get as a side with a burger is substantial, but I ordered a separate order of fries for evaluation purposes.  Roughly 62 fries for $2.49 puts these over the limit cost-wise, so they lost some points.  However, they were hot, crisp, and tasty.  Not great, but good.  8 out of 10.  They have sweet potato fries too but I don't rate those (I'm watching my figure).

Overall, I'd say that Burger Life is worth a trip if you want a weird burger and you've got like 20 bucks burning a hole in your pocket.  Don't go there specifically for the fries, though.

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