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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Target Cafe

Went to Target the other day.

While we were checking out, the Grunion noticed that there were fries on the menu at the cafe.  As a matter of fact, there was a combo deal for 2 bucks that got you an order of fries and a soda.   We checked it out.

The fries are giant (like 1/2 inch wide) crinkle cuts cooked in one of those TurboChef hot tornado ovens that uses a combo of microwave and hot air to cook stuff.  They looked okay.

Since we got the fries AND a soda for 2 bucks, technically the price was 1 dollar for the fries.  We made the Grunion review them.
GRUNION: Seriously?  You're gonna make me review hot air fries?
AMY: Go ahead honey, you might like them.

GRUNION:  Okay, here goes...

GRUNION:  Meh. At least they're big...

GRUNION:  Let's see....there are 31 fries here...

GRUNION:  And at a dollar for the order that's....uh..... 3.225 cents per fry.  That's not too bad.  I'd give the whole deal a 7 out of 10 cause you get the sippy too.

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