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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hugo's is located on what used to be Block Street, but is now a construction war zone.  Fitting that Hugo's looks like a bomb shelter, eh?

Actually, now that I see it again after about a year it really does look like a bomb shelter/basement pub in England around the time of the war....
And apparently they are keeping up the theme with world war 2 rationing-type prices.  $2.75 for chips guv'nor?  You must be bloody mad!

At least they have black and tans to lessen the blow....

****Secret private message for Shannon P. starts here.  If you are not Shannon P., scroll down to the picture of the fries.
Shannon, Hugo's has some AWESOME beer cheese soup on the menu AND THEY WERE NOT OUT OF IT WHEN AMY ORDERED IT.  Amy told me to tell you nyah, nyah....nyah, nyah, nyah and so forth.

Some of you may know that I am not a fan of taking a raw potato, feeding it through a commercial fry cutter and dumping the cuttings into oil that is not at a high enough temperature for an insufficient amount of cooking time.  I am also not a fan of paying $2.75 for 32 fries.

Especially when they are a soggy, tasteless, uncooked, and utterly depressing mess.

It makes me mad and depressed.

I had been putting off rating the fries at Hugo's because I knew that they sucked.  They have always sucked.  It is especially depressing because Hugo's has a lot of other stuff going for it (cool atmosphere, good location, great other things on the menu, good selection of beers, etc.).  Alas, they fall way short of anything even remotely resembling decent fries.  5 out of 10 (because they should know better).  This is a picture of me leaving 23 of the 32 fries on the table.


  1. well done... a fair and balanced, but brutally honest assesment of a local staple that should know better; they could've suffered far worse no doubt; it's one of those small-town places that people take for granted but shouldn't -- way to blow the whistle; NWA culinary dabblers: beware of the ultimate fry detective, and you'd better fry 'em up well

  2. they should know better,everything else is great!

  3. Remember Muley's? The best cheese fries ever in Northwest Arkansas.


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