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Friday, October 1, 2010

Duff's Famous Wings

One of the great things about having fry spies is that I don't have to go to Buffalo, NY.   Recently one of said fry spies (not JoeDonn) went to Duff's Famous Wings in Buffalo and filed a brief report.

 The wings are phenomenal (as you might expect, since they are in fact located in Buffalo), and for $9.95 (not JoeDonn) got chicken dumpling soup, 12 wings, and fries.  Pretty good bargain.  BTW, he said the chicken dumpling soup was AMAZING.

 However.  The fries (which I will have to estimate a cost for because they were part of a combo deal and my fry spy obviously has not learned his lesson about asking what the cost for an order of fries is a-la-carte and must be flogged with a sleeping monkey yet again) were apparently very bland.  My fry spy (not JoeDonn) rated them a 4.5 out of 10 (what's with the .5 stuff?).  So, a lot of fries for about $2, but they kinda suck.

Big thanks to my fry spy (not JoeDonn) for the report!

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