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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fish City Grill

It's tough to serve up ocean fish in Arkansas.  Let's face it, unless a place can keep the dollars rolling in, they won't be paying to have the fresh stuff flown (or driven) in every day for long.  Fish City Grill seems to be doing okay so far, and I think now I know why.  You guessed it.  Their waffle fries.  Fish City Grill is in the Pinnacle Promenade mall in Rogers, and in the interest of fairness I must disclose that it is run by Chris Barnes who is a good friend of mine.  I can keep it objective though....

FCG's two most sought-after items are their Oyster Nachos and their Fish Tacos.  I am not really an oyster guy, but people who eat oysters tell me that the Oyster Nachos are incredible.  I AM a Fish Taco guy, and they are awesome too.  As a matter of fact, Amy got the Fish Tacos and she said they are awesome.

Uncle T got Fish and Chips, which he said was awesome.

Aunt Cindy got Shrimp Tacos which she said were awesome (seeing a trend here?).

And I ordered the SHRIMP and ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE MACARONI AND CHEESE.  Woo Hoo! is awesome.

Okay, so let's get down to the business of fries.  Chris started us off with an over-the-top fry-stravaganza that isn't even on the menu.  I think he referred to it as being called "southwestern fries".  It was awesome, but you know the rules-we had to have an actual order of regular fries to do our research.

The fries at FCG are waffle fries.  This is the basket:

At $2.79 FCG's fries are on the steep side-however, because FCG is a higher class of joint AND the amount was impressive, the cost is acceptable.  Crisp, savory (due to a copious dusting of seasoning), and hot-these waffle fries are definitely the new undisputed king of waffle fries in NWA.  10 out of 10.  The Grunion ate 5 by himself (no small feat for a 1-year old).

Bottom line: go to Fish City Grill.  It's great.  And while you're there, tell my friend Chris that it was great (cause it's because of him that it is so great).  As a matter of fact, you would be hard-pressed to find a better restaurant manager (or friend for that matter) ANYWHERE.
Fish City Grill: DO IT.

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  1. Chris is almost as photogenic as the Grunion


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