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About Gibby

Gibby's Life So Far

I was born in the 70s.  Back then, my parents looked REALLY COOL.

I ran around my neighborhood naked in 1973 (it was acceptable in the 70s).

I kissed the Blarney Stone in 1979 (and have not stopped talking since).

I posed for a Christmas card picture with my brother and sister in 1983.

I was in two bands in high school (Aces High and The Scourge).  This is my Scourge stage "attire".

This is me playing keyboards for Aces High in a battle of the bands.  We came in last place. 

I played football in high school (I was terrible at it).

I graduated (barely) from high school in the late 80s.

I grew my hair long in college.

I hung out at the white house with the Clintons' cat Socks. 

I dyed my hair crazy colors in the 90s.

I played lots of shows as the lead singer in Hunkr Down.  We even opened for Rick Springfield!

Did I mention I was skinny in the 90s for like 5 minutes?

I married my partner in crime Amy.

I went to the Grand Canyon.

I made the Grunion with Amy in 2009.

I  officially became Gibby in 2010.

And also my cat Jenkins eats pizza.