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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Accidental Double Date Night

Saturday night Amy and I went out on a date night (which is what people with babies call escaping for a few hours).  Special thanks to Aunt Sissy and Aunt Patty who were nice enough to babysit the Grunion.  I wanted to try the fries at Theo's, so we stopped there first.

Theo's is super-fancy, so their fries are called "Pomme Frites".  5 bucks for about 60 perfectly crispy, garlic-infused, natural-cut beauties.  Even at 5 bucks, a solid 9 out of 10.

We were feeling triumphant, so we decided to try some of the other fancy joints on Dickson.  Bordino's was next.

As luck would have it, Mark and Cindy were out on a date night too, so we made it a double date. I was astounded that a place as fancy as Bordino's didn't have fries, so we got revenge on them by having a few drinks instead.
CINDY:  Mark, smile for the picture!
MARK:  Mmm, your eyebrow smells nice.

GIBBY:  That's really weird, Mark.
AMY:  How come you never smell my eyebrows anymore?

Cindy and Amy wanted to be sure everyone saw the clever wine bottle cork ornaments on the Bordino's Christmas tree (they were a little tipsy).

After a few drinks at Bordino's, we went across the street to the (relatively new) Farrell's "gastropub".  I have no idea what "gastropub" food is, but I knew they had fries.

Apparently "gastropub" means "sports bar with fancy food".  Tricky.  Anyway, they have bacon and truffle oil fries for 5 bucks, so I checked em out.

Roughly 50 semi-crisp, parmesan-coated fresh cut fries.  The truffle oil is barely discernible through the mix of salt, parmesan, bacon, and potato flavors, so it's kind of a waste.  Regardless, they are decent and you get a good amount (even at $5).  8 out of 10.

When we got home (at 10pm), we discovered that the Grunion had TOTALLY SCAMMED Aunt Sissy and Aunt Patty into letting him stay up WAY past his 7pm bedtime!  He is SO grounded!

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