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Friday, December 10, 2010

Dr. Bill's Xmas Party

Every year, Dr. Bill has a holiday get-together for friends and family at Fred's in Bentonville.  We always have a good time, and this year the Grunion and Z tagged along to provide a much-needed increase in eating/socializing difficulty.  Fred's doesn't have fries, so we all ordered meat instead. 

When the waitress brought the meat, everyone was transfixed.

GRUNION:  That is the most meat I have ever seen.  Sweet.

GRUNION:  So Dr. Bill, what do you think about this whole Mohs vs. surgical excision debate? 
DR. BILL:  Well, it's an ongoing-

GRUNION:  I'm thinkin that since the rate of recurrence of facial basal-cell carcinoma are consistently lower with Mohs than with excision, most physicians would tend to want to use Mohs not only in facial cases, but also other areas of the body.
DR. BILL:  Well, the Lancet recently reported a study in which no significant recurrence rate differences had been determined yet.

Z:  What about the cost difference?  Isn't Mohs more expensive?

DR. BILL:  Yes, Mohs is more expensive, but it is more time consuming and-
GRUNION:  What about them lazer guns you use?  Can't you just zap em like Luke Skywalker?

DR BILL: I've got a massive headache now.
AMY:  Grunion!  Leave Dr. Bill alone.  Here, eat your raisins.
GRUNION:  What's a raisin?

GRUNION:  Oh man, after all that meat I'm getting kinda sleepy.  Hey dad, why is your neck so hairy?  It's like a bear pelt has taken over your......zzzzzzzz.

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