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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Deck Down Under in Daytona Beach

This joint is called Our Deck Down Under cause it's under the bridge between the mainland and Daytona Beach.  Get it?

Mainly known for seafood stuff, ODDU boasts some seriously awesome deck sittin.

With great views of the intercoastal waterway.

Of course, it was like forty degrees when we were there so we had to sit inside. Stupid weather curse.  $2.99 for a basket of old school crinkles that also included two hush puppies (+1 point) and a tiny paper shot cup full of nasty cole slaw (-1 point) that I gave to Amy.

Typically fries take on the taste of the main kind of food a place serves.  For example, chicken joints have fries that taste vaguely of their chicken, and seafood joints usually have fries that vaguely taste of fish.  This can be a blessing or a curse (depending on how good said items are).

Oddly, the fries at ODDU had a taste of NOTHING.  Not even a fry taste.  Strange.  Too expensive, not enough fries, and tasteless.  I think that rates a 1 out of 10.  Good view, though.

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