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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Powerhouse Seafood

Ever notice that you can almost never get fries at a BBQ place?  They always have chips instead.  But the thing about seafood is that it almost always has fries as an option.  Not sure why (maybe a chef could tell me) but I have never been to a seafood-themed restaurant that didn't have fries.  Even fancy-schmancy seafood joints have fries.

I never remember that Powerhouse exists.  It's probably on accounta the only time I went there regularly was when Hunkr Down played there and I was "working".  But I was there last week and I checked out the fare.

FOUR FIFTY!?  Man they must be awesome for that much!



They're decent fries.  They were hot, fresh, kinda halfway between regular and steak fries with a slight crispness and very fluffy interior.  But come on.  $4.50 should get you a shoebox full of em.  6 out of 10.

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