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Friday, February 3, 2012

BWW-For Shame!

I'm going to start with THE positive thing about the fries at Buffalo Wild Wings: it's a place people got to watch sports and drink beer, not eat fries.

And now let's get to the shame.  I ordered a "regular", cause I wasn't that hungry.

For over $3 (after tax), this is what I got.  26 fries.  Good thing I wasn't that hungry.

Here's the thing: most wing joint fries have the added advantage of the fries absorbing some of the chicken flavor from the cooking oil, making them better.  Not so at BWW.  These fries ARE THE WORST.  As a matter of fact, this curved fry was the only interesting thing about the entire "basket".

Score? 0 out of 10.  BWW also adds insult to injury by charging you almost $3.00 (after tax) for a soft drink too. 

BWW fries=Never

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