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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Grunion and Jack Sculpt

On vacation in Florida last month, Grandpa Bill "commissioned" the Grunion and Jack to make a LEGO sculpture of him. 

Grandpa Bill sat motionless so they could study his facial characteristics.

JACK:  Let's to make sure we get the stache right....

GRUNION:  Maybe use this green block for the jawline...

GRUNION:  And these blocks to approximate his forehead...

JACK:  Dang it, we're just not capturing his essence!
GRUNION:  I know, right?  Hey!  Down in front Aunt Kathryn!

 ***After much frustration***

JACK:  Now that I think of it, you look a lot like this LEGO Tigger, so let's just use that instead.

JACK:  Here you go, Grandpa Bill!  That'll be $2,000!

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  1. Cute! Looks like the cousins had a good time together!



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