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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

La Hacienda

I know what you're thinking.  And you're right. But although La Hacienda is primarily a Mexican cuisine location, they have fries on the menu and thus must be thoroughly sampled and accordingly reviewed and rated SO GET OFF MY BACK I'M HUNGRY.

You have to take an elevator or climb a couple of flights of stairs to get to the restaurant on the second floor.  Kinda unique for round these parts.  Good exercise too.  My guess is most people want to sit out on the massive balcony that overlooks the University of Arkansas baseball field.  Those people are crazy.  It's way too hot.

The inside is much more comfy.

I told the waitress I wanted fries.  She stared blankly.  I pointed to them on the menu.  She shrugged and wrote it down.

Based on the time it took to get the fries (a long time) and the appearance of this obscure form/brand of ketchup which was clearly at least a few years old, I figure the exchange between the waitress and the kitchen went something like this:
WAITRESS:  We got an order for fries from some big fat white guy!
COOK:  Dammit!  Where the hell is the ketchup bottle?

$2.00 for this plate of 36 fries. They were hot and crisp, but clearly straight outta the bag.  But good.

All in all, I would say they are a solid 6, but I am deducting a point for the ketchup that time forgot.

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