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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Byron's Hot Dogs

So we went to this street fair in Chicago recently. 

There are always tons of food booths, but this one struck me with its braggadocio.  "Served at the White House", eh?  Must be great!  A little sleuthing shows that sure enough, Byron (aka Mike Payne) did indeed serve stuff at the White House.

Anyhoo, I sauntered up and noticed that they had fries.  2 bucks? Okay, I'll try em.  While I waited I listened to Mike Payne (aka Byron) insult, ridicule and/or verbally berate no less than 6 customers.   And just in case you are wondering, it was not some schtick that the joint is known for.  Mike (aka Byron) is apparently just a dick.

A few minutes later I was presented with this mess.  Soggy, whiny, bitch fries.  Terrible.

Byron (aka Mike "the dick" Payne) may have served his crap at the White House, but he should be serving it to sewer rats.  1 out of 10.

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