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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Raising Cane's

For some reason, the people of NWA have lost all traces of epicurean sense.  WhatABurger(sp?) announced that they were opening one of their "restaurants" in Fayetteville and everyone went nuts.  There were lines.  There was the need for traffic cops.  For a stupid burger.  You are completely delusional if you believe that anything from Whatttaaaaaberger(sp?) is any good unless it's 2:30am and you're really drunk. 

This chicken finger joint Raising Cane's comes to town and the same thing happens.  CHICKEN FINGERS!  There was a line that screwed up traffic for several days.  What is going on?  It isn't like a real chef opened a real restaurant.  These are fast food joints and we are stampeding to them like morons.  Embarrassing.

So here's the fries from Raising Cane's (disregard the sauce, and that was for my other sauce blog).  $1.49 is a decent price for this amount.

I have to admit that it was cool that they are using "skinny crinkles".  You don't see that much outside of the Augusta-Macon corridor.

Cooked well, but tasted as bland as a cruise ship country band.  Boo.

Since most of the people in NWA have apparently abandoned their sense of taste, I almost feel guilty for reporting that the fries suck...almost.  4 out of 10.

P.S.  You will have to ask the guy from Luv Me Tenders if the chicken is any good.

P.P.S.  WhatABurger(sp?) is stupid.

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