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Thursday, April 6, 2017

SPECIAL EDITION - 10lb.Paint Can Nachos - The Local Post Pub, Austin TX

My buddy Jamey is the kind of buddy that everyone should have at least one of.  He keeps you weird and checks you when you are getting too "corporate", too "square".  For an old alt musician turned corporate puke like me he is an essential grounding mechanism.  Behold Jamey.

Recently in Austin he blew my mind again with the crazy nachos at one of his local hangs called The Local Post Pub.  Before you get out your torches and pitchforks, I know that nachos are not fries, but I think after you see what's going on there you'll agree that you needed to see this.  Anyway you have 3 choices of 10lb. can nachos.  Jamey suggested the "Fritas Pie".  I concurred.

So here's the deal.  They take a paint can, fill it with chips, cheese, and all the other stuff and then stick the can in the oven for a while.  Then they bring the can to the table, and pour an additional soup size can of cheese all over the top so it cascades down through.  MADNESS!  When the can is lifted off the plate you are presented with A NACHO TOWER!  I had to video the process.

I was dumbstruck.  This is genius on a whole other level.  Thank you once again, Jamey for bringing me back from the banal.  10lb. can nachos at the Local Post Pub--DO IT!

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