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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Grunion and Z vs. Zombies

While flipping through channels, The Grunion and Z stumble upon a zombie movie....

Z:  Dude,  what's with those people? They're all.....Mmmmmmmm!  Brains!

GRUNION: Zombies, man.  The undead.  They come from the grave to eat your brains.

Z:  Are they real?
GRUNION:  Yup.  As real as Santa Claus.

Z:  What was that?  What was that sound?  Are there zombies up in here?

GRUNION:  Naw, it was probably my tummy making noise from all that Kix.  Look!  My tummy looks like Gibby's!

Z:  Man, I'm positive I heard some zombies.  I don't wanna let them eat my brains-they're not even full of good stuff yet!

GRUNION:  Ahhhh!  Look out!  Zombies crawlin in from the floor!  Hurry!  Get up on the couch where we'll be safe!

Z:  Ahhhh!  Help me up! I'm not as tall as you are!

GRUNION:  Dude, I totally saved your life.  You owe me so big.

TELEVISION:  Today's sci-fi zombie feature will return after these commercial messages.
Z:  There's no such thing as zombies, are there?

GRUNION:  Nope.  But you totally still owe me.

Victory:  Zombies/Grunion

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