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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chicago Revisited

Buckle up kids, this is a long one...

We had so much fun the last time we went to Chicago, we decided to recreate the experience a couple of weeks ago.  The drive up was pretty uneventful (except for the fact that the girls drove most of the way cause I was so tired) and we arrived as usual to have our ceremonial Gumballhead around the kitchen bar at Shannon and Andy's.

The itinerary dictated that we would go immediately to Bangers and Lace.  What?  You don't make a detailed itinerary for every trip you take right down to the minute?  Not my fault you're weird....

Anyhoo, a few minutes later we were at Bangers and Lace.  Do they have fries?

Yup.  And they're pretty good.  Kinda steep tho.  I'll give em a 7.

A few beers later back at Shannon and Andy's, the Bandit decided to "plank" the kitchen floor.  I don't think she's quite grasped the concept of planking yet.  Then again, we did have quite a few beers at Bangers and Lace.  Come to think of it, she may have slept there.  I can't remember.

The next day we toured the Two Brothers brewery, which is about 45 minutes west of Chicago in this totally ugly building.  The only cool thing about the situation is that the building used to be a gymnastics school.

We TOTALLY represented the Ville.

After the tour and a few (lots) sample beers, the Bandit decided to "owl" the place.  I'm pretty sure she hasn't fully grasped the concept of "owling" yet either.

Back in Chicago that night we checked out the Candye Gold show at Fitzgerald's (a famous live music joint). 

The band is a kind of a supergroup made up of members of many of the Chicago areas...oh hell, just read this:

So, guys from Wilco and drummer Bun E Carlos from Cheap Trick.  Sweet.  Check out what Bun E Carlos looks like now!  Click the pic to see a larger version.

He's kinda long in the tooth now.  It was quite a shock, but he still rocked it.  The girls also couldn't get over the weirdness of the lead singer guy-what with his super-skinny legs and "I think I'll just wear everything I have in my closet" look.  Overall, they were pretty good.  Definitely worth it.

The next day we high-tailed it to a brewery called Half-Acre that was releasing a one-time beer called Galactic Double Daisy Cutter.  On the way there we SAW A WOMAN WALKING A CAT ON A LEASH.  Shannon P almost peed her pants.

Anyhoo, we succeeded in scoring a bunch of bottles of Galactic Double Daisy Cutter.  It's awesome.

Susie Q (of Ultra Suede fame's) new band was playing that night, so we decided we needed some fries to fortify ourselves.  Okay, I decided we needed some fries, but when you're the one who makes the schedule you get to determine when you get fries.  We went to MAC's pub (which I have previously reviewed) and we were not disappointed. 

Several orders of fries (and beers) later, we met up with Susie to check out her new band called The Wanton Looks.  How come Susie still looks so good?  Dammit!  Notice the girls were still representing the ville.

The Wanton Looks were awesome (and really loud-guess I'm old now).

Susie is as rock star as ever.  Did I mention they went on at like 12:30PM?

GIBBY:  Ohhh!  A piano over here at the back of the bar!  I'll just take a look and maybe..

GIBBY:  Dammit!

The next morning we were feeling "groggy".  What's this?  BOTOMLESS MIMOSA and BLODYMARY?  Stupid chick can't spell, but we're down like four flat tires for some $7 all you can drink "groggy" cures!

GIBBY:  Hmmmm.  Elegant, floral bouquet with notes of honey, coriander, and *SLURP.  I need another!
WAITRESS:  Sweet Space Invaders shirt, pops.
GIBBY:  Are you the one who wrote the sign out front?
GIBBY:  Never mind.

BANDIT and SHANNON P:  What Gibby said.  *SLURP.  We need another!

NINE mimosas (each) later, we headed to a street fair.  Amy and the Bandit were happy.

GIBBY:  Let's fat tater tots?  Yes please.

Super tasty, but not worth 6 bucks.  6 out of 10.

WHA?  Tempura dog?  Yes please.

Interesting, but stupid feelingness.  I feel I have brought dishonor to my family. 


Let's see, curry fries?  YUM.  8 out of 10 cause they were only 3 bucks.  They were really only regular fries with curry sauce poured over them (like Canadian poutine) so I guess this is kinda trickery, but whatever.

The next day we decided to go to Wisconsin.  I could lie to you, but frankly we were feeling a little cheese-deficient, and Shannon P said she knew the perfect palace for us to get our curd on.  Did you see that?  I wrote "palace" instead of "place".  It's foreshadowing.  Wait for it, cause Shannon P drove us to the MARS CHEESE CASTLE! < trumpet fanfare>.

Whoa!  A whole castle full of cheese!  Too bad about the crappy Honda "chariot" though.  We loaded up on cheese and stuff (NO PICS INSIDE YOU FOREIGNERS!)

It was a great trip, but as we started piling up all the beer we bought we started to worry about space in the car.  The Bandit offered to ride in the trunk or owl on the roof the whole way back but we made it work.

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