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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Grunion Eats Ice Cream

GIBBY:  Hey Grunion, whatcha got there?
GRUNION:  Something Mom left sittin on the counter.

GIBBY:  Does she know you have it?
GRUNION:  Dunno.  Whatever.

GIBBY:  I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to have that.
GRUNION:  Don't worry about it.  Shut up and change the channel to Thomas the Train.

GIBBY:  Why don't you give me the cone and we'll pretend this didn't happen, okay?
GRUNION:  Why don't you shut your trap and change the channel like I said and while you do that I'll just jump up and down and see how fast I can talk and grind my teeth together and try to vibrate my eyeballs until they spin around in a circle.

GIBBY:  Allright, it's obvious you're overloaded on sugar.  Give me the cone.
GRUNION: Rapppapapapapapwowowowowowowowoo!

GIBBY:  What happened to your pants?
GRUNION:  Huh?  Whoa!  Didn't even notice they were gone.  This is good cone, man!

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