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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Grunion vs. Halloween II

Last Halloween the Grunion was only a year old.   He didn't really grasp the concept, but he fought Halloween valiantly.  Unfortunately, he ultimately "lost".

This year, the Grunion informed us that he was gonna "kick Halloween's butt".  We weren't sure what that meant, but he showed up for breakfast on Halloween wearing this:

GIBBY:  You know, without the mask Spiderman's identity isn't secret.
GRUNION:  I know.  I WANT Halloween to know who's kicking it's butt.

GIBBY:  Okey-dokey then.  Do you know what Halloween is all about? 
GRUNION:  Of course I do.  During the third sub-century on the fourth moon of Snanggabor...
GIBBY:  Wait....what?  Snanga-what?
GRUNION:  Snanggabor.  The planet?  Ever heard of it?
GIBBY:  No, and I'm sure it doesn't-
GRUNION:  Keep quiet or I'm not gonna tell the story.  Anyway, Elicoor the Flabbergasted decreed that in honor of the anniversary of the victory of Gene and Dean Ween over the Hallopotroids at Helgemuth during the Ranco-Tripsidian wars, October 31st would be a holiday.

GRUNION:  And since it's a military holiday you're supposed to dress up in war paint and challenge your neighbors to battle.

GRUNION:  And they bribe you with candy to spare their lives.

Neighbor Marcus was having his annual (super-clever) Halloween party at his house where he tells all the kids a story about how a bunch of Halloween candy has been disappearing and probably it's ghosts taking the candy and "how about we get on this hay ride trailer and ride up to the nearby park to see if we can find the candy" and lo and behold there is candy all over the park for the kids to "find".  I hope I can think of this kind of stuff when the Grunion starts to get bored with us.

Anyhoo, the Grunion wasn't having any of the story, but he enjoyed running around the yard at top speed with the rest of the kids.

Victory: Grunion?

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