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Monday, February 4, 2013

Nomad's Natural Plate Food Truck

I have long since lost my ability to remain functionally appropriate after a few beers, and I like to avoid making a fool of myself in public.  For this reason, I rarely go out on Dickson Street (the main bar section of Fayetteville for those of you who don't know) any more unless it's a special occasion.  This past Saturday was a special occasion (a reunion show by the Paper Hearts), so I was down on Dickson with the Bandit.

On our way home, the Bandit demanded food from the Nomad's food truck.  I was in no condition to interact with strangers.

NOMAD's GUY: Hi, what can I get you?
GIBBY:  It'' time penguins....snarlffffttt!
NOMAD's GUY: Whoa.

The Bandit quickly stepped in to interpret.
BANDIT:  He says he wants fries.  Do you have fries?
NOMAD's GUY:  Yes.  We have pita fries and regular fries.
BANDIT:  Which fries do you want, Gibby?
GIBBY: Yaaawwwr!  I saw something!  Review!  Review!
BANDIT:  Just give us an order of both.  And a falafel (I didn't agree to the falafel).

Both the pita fries and the regular fries were 3 bucks.  Kinda steep.  The kid put everything in one box, which depressed me since I knew the fry count would be low.

The pita fries were interesting.  Pita bread chopped into funny shapes and deep fried.  Kinda meh, but the tzatziki sauce made them okay (not great).

The regular fries were quite good.  They are basically the same fries you get at the local Greek joint.  Since they aren't technically potatoes I won't give them a score.  Good seasoning.  Outta the freezer bag, but hot and tasty.  Amount was bad for 3 bucks though.  7 out of 10.

The Bandit ate the falafel.  She said it was good, but she's a vegetarian so what does she know?

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