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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Burger Shack

Every so often, a cocky new fry kid comes to town. And they are usually at least semi-cautious with their fry bragging.  Not so with newcomers The Burger Shack on MLK in Fayetteville.  They are straight up smack talkin!  They mention their fries right on the sign!


Oh it is SO on.

The inside looks like a beach bar.  Burger Shack.  Get it?

There's even a cabana-looking thing where the waiters make milkshakes.

What's with the thing where places are putting the potato boxes on display in the front of the restaurant these days?  5 Guys Burgers does this too.  Weird trend.

Whoa!  Free peanuts while you wait!  Sweet.  Unstrike one...

Their frying setup looked promising.  The baskets on the left were in some water (possibly brine), and it looked like there were two different fryers with two different temperatures of oil.

$2.49 for a "medium" paper boat of fries.  Too many to count, but definitely a strike for price vs. quantity.

The upside: GOOD!  Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

There was a seasoning on them, but we couldn't make out what it was.

To be fair, their bold signage mentions that the fries are fresh cut.  That is true.  I'll give them that.  If their signs said "Fresh Cut GOOD Fries" I would agree.  If their signs said "Fresh Cut GREAT Fries" I would disagree.

8 out of 10.

P.S.    I put like 60 peanuts in my pockets while I was waiting.
P.P.S. Amy said their milkshakes are really good but I don't care about milkshakes.

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