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Monday, April 8, 2013

The Angus Jack Redemption

A few weeks after I reviewed Angus Jack, I received an astonishing email from a guy named Justin (who I assume works in some sort of management capacity for Angus Jack).  I call the email astonishing because in this day and age in 'Merica, it's more typical that criticism is met with rage.  Not so, here.  Justin acknowledged the shortcomings during my visit, and let me know that things had changed.  Impressive and commendable.

So I went back.  I fully expected the fries to still suck, and was not at all looking forward to blasting the joint again after they had reached out in earnest.

I ordered a burger and a separate order of fries to stay incognito in case the invitation was a trick to kill me.  I imagined that my picture was posted all over the kitchen with the words "Kill this fatty on sight" written on it.  ONLY 5 MINUTES later this is what was delivered to the table.

They were a totally different from the kind of fries they had before!  Hot, crispy, tasty!  They are almost like a cross between a 1/4" cut fry and a steak fry.

The price is still too high ($2.99) in my opinion, but these are 1000 times better than they were before.  8 out of 10. 

Ban lifted!  Angus Jack is definitely worth a visit.

P.S.  My buddy Jack wanted me to specifically mention that the drive through is operational as well.

A new business called Angus Jack opened up today where the Rockin Chicken used to be on 412 in Springdale.  It seems to be kind of trendy to include in your signage that you have "fresh cut fries".

Other than the signage, the place looks exactly the same on the inside as when it was the Rockin Chicken.  And that is the only neutral/positive comment for this review.

First of all, an order of fries in $2.49.  I have been around the fry-block, and that is a bunch of dough for some fries at what is essentially a fast food joint.  Remember that I just used the term "fast food" cause it will be important later.  Okay, one order of fries and a medium drink, please.  Note the time on the receipt: 11:51.

If you make me do this at a restaurant, I hate you.  Especially if you are a burger joint.  JUST INVEST IN DAMN KETCHUP BOTTLES.  I hate trying to carry these stupid things, and they make a mess.

I took a picture of the booth to remind me to tell you that the seat was really sticky.  I know, I know, some cleaning products can leave vinyl feeling sticky, but it's still gross.  Not a strike, but close.

And then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

After about 20 minutes, we realized that the place was falling apart.  Orders were screwed up, they were taking WAY TOO LONG, people were complaining, etc.  It's kind of baffling considering they only have like 10 things on the menu and it wasn't really that busy.  The owner/manager eventually PARKED HIS CAR IN THE DRIVE THRU so people couldn't use it.  Great move.  Maybe the speaker was broken or something, but it seems like something you would have checked before you opened.

Dang, I only ordered fries.  How could they take this long?

I'm not exaggerating here.  At 12:32 pm, AFTER 41 MINUTES this is what was delivered to me.  Greasy, slimy, undercooked grossness.

Not sure what the little black stringy thing is there.

To call these things fries is as ridiculous as calling me a marathon runner.  I have sampled a good many fries in a great many places, and I can say without a doubt that these are absolutely the worst fries I have ever experienced.  I have never bitten into an abscess, but this particular fry here approximated the experience.

This is my buddy Jeff's face after trying the fries.

This is what I left on the table.  I (maybe) ate three of them.

Instead of giving this place a rating, I am instead going to issue a heartfelt plea to all of you to never, ever, under any circumstances eat the fries at Angus Jack.  As a matter of fact, stay away from the place altogether.  They suck, and they are not likely to get any better based on the way we saw the management fielding complaints from customers.  Normally I wouldn't even do a review for a place this bad (giving them publicity) but they are so bad this is really more of a public service announcement.  It should be illegal for this place to sell fries, much less brag about them with their signage.

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