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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Streetcar Named Desire in KC

First of all, before you go correcting me, the name of the joint is Streetcar Named Desire NOT A Streetcar Named Desire.  The manager gave me a big old explanation when I asked about it.  Has to do with copyrights and trademarks, etc.  Anyhoo, the place is in the uber-touristy Crown Center and has an old Kansas City streetcar as the front.  Get it?

I think it's an actual streetcar, anyway.  I wasn't about to ask the manager another question.

There is absolutely no point in sitting in this restaurant unless you are sitting in the streetcar at the front.  And since there's only room for about 12 people, this can be troublesome.  We got to sit there cause the Grunion slipped the hostess a Lincoln.

I expect stuff to cost a bit more at a tourist trap.

But $2.95 for this crap was depressing.

About 26 cheapo elementary school cafeteria fries on a styrofoam plate.  Even the Grunion wouldn't eat em.

Streetcar Named Desire?  Should be Streetcar Named Disheartening.  Boo.  3 out of 10.

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