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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Top Tens

The thing people ask me the most is, "Gibby, when are you gonna lose weight?".  But seriously folks, try the veal! The thing they ask second-most is "Where are the best fries?".  The problem with this question is that not only do these people not all live in the same place, but also that I DON'T KNOW.

I have posted over 200 fry reviews now, and I kinda forget.  So, since you are all too lazy to read 200+ reviews, I have painstakingly researched all the 10 out of 10s here in the report and I present them to you now so you can get back to JUST asking about my weight.  BTW, since these are all 10s they are in no particular order so keep your smart remarks to yourself.

Grub's in Fayetteville
Sassy's in Fayetteville
Louie's in Fayetteville
Tilted Kilt (all over the U.S.)
75th Street Brewery in Kansas City
Mr. Dunderbak's in Daytona Beach
The Bleu Monkey in Springdale
21c Hotel in Bentonville
Skylark in Chicago
Tuman's Tap and Grill in Chicago

Honorable Mention: Edzo's in Chicago cause they have several 9 out of 10s

You're Welcome!

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