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Monday, June 24, 2013

Tuman's Tap & Grill Chicago

Went to Chicago recently for a podiatry convention.  The first night, my buddy Andy suggested we check out this joint called Tuman's.  It's not clear why the place is called Tuman's since to owners' names are Tom and Judy Magee (of Janis Joplin song fame), but they have 3Floyds Gumballhead beer and french fries so we were TOTALLY down.

In addition to 3F GBH, the beer list was astoundingly good.

Plus, fries for $3.  Pretty fair price for where this joint is located in the city.

In fact, because of the location I wasn't expecting a decent amount of fries for $3, but this is what came out!

Hold the phone!  Crispy, hand-cut, and actually cooked correctly.  Score!
10 out of 10.  A totally tasty value.

P.S.  Chachi got this cheeseburger that had so much stuff on it (including a fried egg) that is was taller than a pint glass.
Victory = Chachi

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  1. Sadly, even though Kyle claims I was the Victor, I was not the victor. The burger won. In SOOO many ways I wont even go in to. Chachi


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