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Friday, June 7, 2013

Golden Dragon Buffet

What the heck has happened with Chinese buffets?  Twenty years ago you didn't see things like prime rib, pizza, potato skins, macaroni & cheese, and SALAD sittin around with the general's chicken.  Ice cream was a nice addition, sure, but chicken wings and ribs?  WTF?

Of course, there is one inexplicable addition to the buffets I have seen recently that I can't disparage.  Ah, yes, delicious french fries.  I noticed some recently in Springdale at the Golden Dragon Buffet.

The dining area of this joint is swank.  Check those modernistical light thingys up there!

Chandeliers over the buffet?  But of course!

Heh heh.  The sign said "Dinner Rolls".  FANCY!

OMG!!!  This is what all football watching game food should look like.  This platter was like 8 pounds of (what the locals call) arkies!  Nom nom nom!

Perfect size, perfectly cooked, nice seasoning.

Hard to figure what an order of just fries off the buffet would cost, but the fact that you can eat as many as you want kinda negates the quantity vs. price aspect anyway.

10 out of 10.  Plus they have ice cream.  All you can eat. 
P.S.  I ate like 50.  Don't tell my wife.  Or the Grunion.

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