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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wildfire in Lincolnshire, IL

Wildfire is this snazzy 1940's style restaurant bar chain with 7 locations mostly around Chicago and (weirdly) in suburban Virginia.  We were in Lincolnshire to catch a concert by the Bellamy Brothers (of Let Your Love Flow fame) cause the drummer is one of Andy's buds.

Anyhoo, we ate at this joint cause it was right next door to where the concert was happening.  I will say that they had the 40's decor thing pretty well nailed.

The bar and dining room looked like a scene from The Great Gatsby.  Except most of the people looked like crap in shorts, t-shirts, etc.

The menu has a steak on it that is $39.95, so $2.95 for some fries seemed like a pretty good deal.

What the hell is this?  23 crappy, soggy fries?

Boo.  2 out of 10.

DRUMMER GUY: "Wow, you should have totally gotten a salad like me!"
GIBBY:  "Only a drummer would say that a salad is better than crappy fries."

P.S.  We had a blast at the concert.  Thanks again drummer guy!


  1. Greg Stocki is the drummer. The best in Nashville. Andy


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