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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Louie's: A Strong Contender

UPDATE: This place is closed down.  It is now Smitty's Garage.

The other day, Paul said that he thought the fries at Louie's (on Joyce in Fayetteville) were good.  Normally I wouldn't listen to Paul's opinion cause he doesn't eat fries, but his neck was hurting so I felt bad and we checked it out.

Lo and behold!  $1.99 for a great amount of fries (75+) that were hot, crisp, and had a hint of some type of  tasty seasoning.

I got the impression that even though we were only ordering fries, they actually cared about making the fries well and presenting them in the best possible way.   Paul was so proud.

Bravo, Louie's!  10 out of 10 and a very close second to Grub's (but only because Grub's has that fry dip).

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