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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beez vs. The Grunion II

BEEZ: Hey Grunion!  Nice to see you again! 
GRUNION: Um, yeah whatever.

BEEZ: Whoa!  You're looking like you may have a touch of the scurvy!  That's what the pirates used to get from watching too much Sesame Street.  What you need is some vitamin C!  I've got some right here!

GRUNION:  Mom!  Do I need vegemite D cause of Sesame Street?

AMY:  Don't care.  Leave me alone.  Drinking first margarita in 9 months.

BEEZ: Here you go.

BEEZ: Just hold it there for a little bit.  You'll feel it working....

Victory: The Beez

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