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Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the Mark

On the Mark is a sports bar/restaurant technically located on Gregg street.  It's really kinda behind the White Oak station that is on Gregg street, but whatever.  I have been in there lots of times, but not for food *wink, wink.  The guy that owns it is named Mark, hence the name.  Incidentally, Mark is really cool, and you should go there just to meet him.

Paul was in town so he went with me.  Let's see....hope there's a place to sit......

Since Paul has been on a health kick and HASN'T EATEN FRIES OF ANY KIND IN OVER 10 MONTHS, I knew we needed to also order the chili cheese fries AND the spicy fried chicken wings.  Hey, one man's abdominal distention is another man's entertainment.

For $2.25 we got 35 thick-cut, straight out of the bag, non seasoned, marginally-tasting meh fries.  At least they were hot.  At this point, I had given the fries a 6 out of 10.  Paul concurred, but fate had cruel plans for us....

We tried the chili cheese fries.  At $4.95 they were a slightly better deal, but lo!  What is this I see before me?
KYLE:  Hey Paul, you're from South Louisiana right?
PAUL:  Mais bien sur!
KYLE:  Can you confirm for the bottom of the chili cheese fry that....SWAMP WATER?

We both immediately felt sick.  We were also angry, demoralized, confused, and hungry.  So we angrily attacked the wings in a confused and demoralized way cause we were still hungry.  Paul ate his with flair.

I ate mine with dignity.

The wings were meh, but they were definitely the best thing we had there.  I did give them points for at least attempting the four-leaf clover for the top of my Guinness:

Wait a minute.....that's only a three leaf clover....sheesh!  Overall, I would say that you should go to On the Mark for the drinks and sports (and to meet Mark)-but only eat the fries if you have to.  Paul felt terrible after this, but that serves him right for forsaking the fries for so long.....

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