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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rusty and The Grunion Write a Song

GRUNION:  What's up Rusty?  Pick me up I gotta talk business with you eye-to-eye.
GRUNION: Listen, I've keeping track for a while, and pretty much all music sucks right now.  We need to write a song to save the music industry.  Go get your guitar! 
RUSTY:  But I don' really want- 

GRUNION: So here's what I'm thinking-a cross between Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Land of the Lost, and the Lost Boys. 
RUSTY:  What?  That doesn't even-

GRUNION: Whoa!  Stop playing Turn the Page by Bob Seger!  You're gonna ruin my flow!

GRUNION: Okay, play a suspended 13th chord down low and I'll play a quarter inch chord here up high. 
RUSTY:  Um, okay...

GRUNION (singing):
Where is my bottle?
What's that in my pants?
Why won't my stuffed animals
join me in a dance?
Get down now!  One Two!  Break it down!

GRUNION:  Man, we're gonna make a mint with this.  Hold on, lemme call my agent.  Where's my Elmo cell phone?

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