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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Z Interprets Exodus 5

Z: Yo!  Tons of fun!  Let me practice my acting scene on you.  It's from the bible.  I have an audition for a baby food commercial coming up and I want to stay frosty.
GIBBY:  Umm.  Okay.  Wait-did you call me tons of fun?

Z:  Let me get my wardrobe on here.

Z:  Let my people go, cause there's a cool music festival in the desert.

Z: No!  I am Pharrell Williams!  And I say you have to make bricks without straw!

Z:  Bricks without straw?  How can we make bricks without straw?

Z:  I don't know!  Ask Charlton Heston!

Z:  And scene.  Get outta here Grunion!  You weren't in the scene.
GRUNION:  Uh, I was a gaffer.

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  1. I give you these fifteen! [crash] oy! These ten, ten commandments!


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