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Friday, September 17, 2010

Z Tells a Story

Z: Hey Gigantor!  Wanna hear a story I made up?
GIBBY:  Sure.  And stop calling me Gigantor.

GRUNION: Is this the one about the alligator in the bus?

Z:  No!  Stop interrupting!

Z:  Let's see, where was I....once upon a time one of the Coppola dudes' wife left him.  He got all depressed and decided to go to Vegas and he was all-

Z:  I'm gonna drink a whole bunch and then win an Oscar.

Z:  And the Karate Kid's girlfriend was like "Boo-hoo.  Please don't drink so much!"

Z:  And the Coppola guy was like, "Whatever!  I'm gonna use the Oscar I win from this to make really crappy movies for the next 10 years".  The End.

GRUNION: The one about the alligator is better.

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